40th Anniversary Celebrations

About the 40th Anniversary Conferences

In 2020, the Right Livelihood Foundation is hosting a series of anniversary conferences in 3 different continents with the participation of more than 30 Laureates.

The conferences will take place with the following themes:

  • February 20-22 in Bangkok, Thailand: “Education for Right Livelihood – Connecting Activism and Academia”

  • March 24-26 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: “Women, Peace and Security” (Postponed due to COVID-19)
  • August 18-24, September 2 in Medellín, Colombia: “Dialogues with Right Livelihood Laureates”

Dialogues with Right Livelihood Award Laureates

As the Right Livelihood Award is approaching its 40th Anniversary and the Medellín International Poetry Festival its 30th, our common global challenges are becoming increasingly acute and tangible when it comes to for example the climate crisis, authoritarian governance, the continuous threat of violent conflict including the use of nuclear weapons and growing inequality between rich and poor. More info below.

World Peace and Disarmament 
August 18, 10:45 COL. 15:45 GMT. 17:45 CET:
Mr. Alyn Ware (2009 Laureate, New Zealand)
– Ms. Geina Mhlophe (South Africa) 
– Ms. Ulrika Modeer (Sweden)

Defence of Earth and Life
August 24, 10:45 COL. 15:45 GMT. 17:45 CET:
– Ms. Fiore Longo (France) member of 1989 Laureate Survival International
Mr. Raúl Montenegro (2004 Laureate, Argentina)
– Ms. Francia Márquez (Colombia)
– Ms. Marije Langelaar (the Netherlands)

Culture, for the Transformation of Human Society
September 2, 10:45 COL. 15:45 GMT. 17:45 CET:
– Ms. Magdalena Max-Neef (Chile), President of 1983 Laureate Manfred Max-Neef Foundation
– Mr. Boaventura de Sousa Santos (Portugal)
– Mr. Freddy Ñáñez (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)