Parliamentary Network

2019 Laureate Aminatou Haidar speaking at an event at the Swedish parliament during Award Week in 2019, credit: Christian Gustavsson


Launched in 1993 by the then MP Birgitta Hambraeus (Center Party), SÄRLA – the Association for the Right Livelihood Award in the Swedish Parliament – is a group of Swedish parliamentarians from seven parties. From 1985 until 2015, the Right Livelihood Award was presented at the Parliament with SÄRLA being the host. In recent years, it has hosted seminars with new Laureates in the Parliament and has been part of discussions with previous Laureates. The support from these MPs is important to the Laureates and is an expression of trust in Right Livelihood's work.

Parliamentary Group in the German Bundestag

In 2016, the parliamentary group “Alternativer Nobelpreis” was founded by German parliamentarians from five different political parties. The group has since hosted several Laureates in the German parliament, where they have been given the opportunity to address politicians and other decision-makers. More recently, parliamentarians from the group expressed their strong support to 2020 Laureate Nasrin Sotoudeh in the social media awareness campaign #StandUp4Nasrin.

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  • Our Founder

    Jakob von Uexkull founded the Right Livelihood Award to lift the voices of change-makers offering practical solutions to the world's most pressing problems.

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  • Our Board

    Our Board of Trustees sets the direction of our work as we highlight and support change-makers.

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  • Swiss Support Foundation

    Our Swiss Support Foundation has worked to increase the impact of Right Livelihood Laureates and gather financial support in Switzerland since 2007.

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  • Advisory Council & Investment Committee

    Leading experts on our Advisory Council and Investment Committee make our work more impactful, advising us on strategy and financial decisions.

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  • Partners

    Our partners elevate the impact of our work, allowing us to do even more for Laureates. Besides financial support, they also lend their time, energy and talent to us, so we can better serve change-makers.

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  • Cooperations

    We establish and develop long-term cooperations with institutions and organisations to support and amplify Laureates' causes.

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  • Careers

    Join our highly committed international team working to support some of the most outstanding change-makers in the world!

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  • Sustainability

    Right Livelihood Laureates work on urgent climate action globally. We strive to reflect this in our day-to-day operations.

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