Our Approach

2008 Laureate Amy Goodman with 2017 Laureate Yetnebersh Nigussie at the 2019 Donor Dinner at Cirkus, credit: Stina Stjernkvist.
2002 Laureate Martín Almada at the 30th Anniversary Conference in Bonn, credit: Wolfgang Schmidt.

We are an award - but also more than that!

Each year, we honour change-makers offering concrete solutions to present-day challenges. Then, we go on to safeguard and support them throughout their lives. We advance their causes to contribute to urgent, long-lasting social change.

Sustainable change requires cooperation and diversity. That’s why we connect courageous and innovative people, creating an ever-growing global community.


Our principal purpose is to bestow the Right Livelihood Award. Along with the prestige and prize money comes increased visibility for Laureates.

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We provide change-makers with long-term support. Their work is strengthened through our UN-based advocacy, networking activities and protection programme for Laureates at risk.

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We connect activism and academia through our global university partnerships, where the next generation of change-makers are trained. These partnerships also help expand Laureates' work.

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We help change-makers get their messages out to a broader audience, building awareness about urgent problems and their solutions. We also inspire others to take action through showcasing the Laureates.

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