Our Impact

2018 Laureate Yacouba Sawadogo, credit: Right Livelihood.
1995 Laureate Sulak Sivaraksa in Bonn, 2010, credit: Alanus University

By honouring courageous change-makers and providing them with life-long support, we amplify their voices, enhance their protection and provide extended networks for greater impact.

The prestige and global recognition that come with the Right Livelihood Award open new doors to decision-makers. Our UN-based advocacy work offers platforms and allies for Laureates to advance their causes. We also highlight the Laureates’ visionary work online and in the media, increasing their influence. By telling the Laureates’ stories and partnering with universities around the world, we inspire everyday action by people from all walks of life.

Besides the prize money, the Award often leads to increased funding from donors who want to support outstanding change-makers. With more resources at hand, Laureates can further expand their pioneering work.

Helen Mack Chang, 1992 Laureate

“The Award contributed significantly to saving my life.”

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Monika Hauser, 2008 Laureate

“The Award certainly played a major role in this jump in donations. So its value is not only about the prize money itself, it goes far beyond that.”

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Tony Rinaudo, 2018 Laureate

“The Award has lifted awareness on Farmer Managed Natural Restoration and its potential to levels not experienced before.”

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