Awarded 2021

Legal Initiative for Forest and Environment (LIFE), India

For their innovative legal work empowering communities to protect their resources in the pursuit of environmental democracy in India.


  • Learn

    India’s forests and biodiversity are critically dependent on the protection of the rights of marginalised communities such as tribal people, forest dwellers, farmers and traditional fisher folks. 

    Some of the most significant environmental threats include the construction of ecologically destructive projects, deforestation and industrial pollution.

    Access to justice is often limited due to the high cost of litigation, time required and technical nature of the subject matter making it difficult to bring cases of violation before the courts.

  • Reflect

    How do big projects for energy, mobility and the likes affect local communities in my country? In which areas are the most impactful initiatives usually located? 

    What does the environmental situation have to do with wellbeing, public health and local economies?

  • Act

    Is there an election coming up? Inform yourself about the candidates’ environmental proposals. Take this information into account before deciding whom you vote for!

    Already elected representatives? Ask for environmental policy and get involved in the public debate!   

    Involve yourself in community-based organisation. Offer your knowledge to strengthen civil society action!


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