Vladimir Slivyak

Awarded 2021

Vladimir Slivyak, Russia

For his defence of the environment and for helping to ignite grassroots opposition to the coal and nuclear industries in Russia.


  • Learn

    Since the 1990s, the need for coal in Russia has significantly decreased.

    However, government strategies envisage an increase in coal production, which can only be explained by the growing demand in other countries.

    Most of the coal exported from Russia goes to Western Europe, specifically, Germany.

    Coal is the dirtiest and most climate-damaging energy, but nuclear is neither a cleaner nor a safer alternative.

  • Reflect

    Where do my electricity and heating come from? Where do my wastes end up?

    How much government subsidies are going into coal and nuclear power plants?

  • Act

    Check if your bank or pension provider invests in fossil fuels.

    If so, ask if you can opt-out of those funds, or even demand them to move their money out of fossil fuel companies.


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