Aminatou Haidar and Sahrawi women in Western Sahara.

Right Livelihood and partners submit report in view of Morocco’s fourth Universal Periodic Review

Right Livelihood, the Sahrawi Organ against the Moroccan Occupation (ISACOM), the Nushatta Foundation for Media and Human Rights, and Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights analysed Morocco’s fulfilment of the Sahrawi people’s civil and political rights in the Non-Self Governing Territory (NSGT) of Western Sahara. The submission assesses Morocco’s implementation of recommendations received during its previous cycle, and provides specific and action-oriented recommendations based on incidents in the past five years.

Systematic human rights abuses have been part of a pattern of repression targeting any Sahrawis working towards the respect of human rights. Activists are imprisoned, tortured, and sentenced without due process. Moroccan authorities have been subjecting activists to physical and technological surveillance, and have repeatedly impeded their freedom of movement. Long-term arbitrary detention is used as a tool to silence Sahrawi human rights defenders. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) suffer arbitrary and politically motivated restrictions. Protests against Moroccan rule and occupation are systematically prohibited. Since 1975, the Sahrawi people’s rights have been trampled on with impunity.

On November 7, 2022, the Kingdom of Morocco will see its human rights record reviewed as part of the Universal Periodic Review. On this occasion, we have joined forces with local and international organisations to document and denounce the human rights situation in Western Sahara. The recommendations provided in the report are calls to action directed at the Moroccan government to seriously address the situation by removing impediments to the full enjoyment of the Sahrawi people’s fundamental rights.

You can find the full report or read the shorter summary factsheet below.