1985 Laureates with Jakob von Uexkull, credit: Right Livelihood. Below: 2019 Laureate Davi Kopenawa at the 2019 Award Presentation, credit: Stina Stjernqvist.

Your nominee could become the next Right Livelihood Laureate.

Do you know any courageous and innovative change-makers who strive to create a more just, peaceful and sustainable world for those around them?

If so, tell us!

Nominations for the Right Livelihood Award are fully open to the public and can be submitted through our online form below. Nominations are accepted in English, French and Spanish and can be submitted from mid-December until early March.

Any living person or organisation can be nominated for the Award. There are also no restrictions on who may submit a nomination, it can come from either individuals or on behalf of whole organisations. The exception is that “self-nominations” are not permitted, therefore nominations for oneself, close relatives and one’s own organisation or direct supervisor will not be considered.

Once a nomination has been received, we reach out directly to the nominee for some points of information and their formal consent, which is a key aspect of our “do no harm” principle.

The deadline for the 2021 Award nominations passed on March 3. The process will reopen later this year for the 2022 award cycle.