Glorene Das, a new member of Right Livelihood's Board.

Glorene Das joins Right Livelihood’s Board

News 29.08.2022

Glorene Das, a Malaysian human rights expert and the Executive Director of Tenaganita Womens’ Force, has joined Right Livelihood’s Board for a four-year term.

Das has long been involved with Right Livelihood working alongside the late 2005 Right Livelihood Laureate Irene Fernandez, the founder of Tenaganita. The organisation is dedicated to helping and protecting migrants, refugees, women and children from exploitation, discrimination, slavery and human trafficking. It promotes and protects the rights of marginalized and vulnerable individuals who have no voice in this globalised world. Das leads the organisation in the same direction as its founder, with a vision for a just, free and democratic society where every human being is equal with dignity and rights.

“Being invited to be one of the Board members simply means that the Board recognises the struggles of the people that I work with, particularly the migrant population, the refugees, victims of human trafficking and displaced people,” Das said.

She noted in particular Right Livelihood’s role in supporting her to continue the work Fernandez started at Tenaganita.

“The Foundation has been so instrumental in who I am today, being recognised as not only a leader of an organisation but also as a person moving forward and building communities,” Das said.

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