Human rights unite Right Livelihood Laureates

News 10.12.2021

Right Livelihood Laureates operate in 73 countries working on a multitude of topics, but they are all united by the conviction that human rights are universal, inalienable and indivisible.

While it may seem like they individually fight for very different causes, when considered as a community, Right Livelihood Laureates’ work encompasses all rights set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Despite the fact that all States have committed to the principles of the Declaration, the testimonies shared today by Right Livelihood Laureates show that the reality can be much different in practice.

From pushing the interests of the powerful to silencing human rights defenders, some governments are willing to engage in repressive activities that trample on fundamental rights.

Against this backdrop, we must act for the protection of human rights everyday and everywhere and stand up for all those who continue to commit to the principles of dignity and equality for all.

Today, on Human Rights Day, we celebrate the Laureates’ actions and courage.

“Education is the strongest tool to empower people and promote the rule of law”
2012 Laureate Sima Samar

“Impunity remains the main cause of human rights violations”
2011 Laureate Jaqueline Moudeina

“Torture is a major violation of human dignity and leaves victims with unforgettable and often irreversible scars”
2019 Laureate Aminatou Haidar

“They are using the justice system to be able to persecute all those who are defending human rights”
1992 Laureate Helen Mack Chang

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