March 2016 – Laureates Gather to ‘Make Nepal Green’


Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award from China, Japan, and India came together last week to participate in a seminar in Kathmandu, Nepal, where they shared their expertise and supported 2010 Laureate Shrikrishna Upadhyay of SAPPROS-Nepal in the ‘Make Nepal Green’ initiative.

The initiative, launched in the aftermath of the April 2015 earthquake, consists of a realizable vision of a ‘Green Nepal’; one that combines rural rejuvenation with renewable energy. Solar energy entrepreneur Huang Ming from China joined Lobzang Tsultim of India’s Ladakh Ecological Development Group and representatives of the Seikatsu Club Consumers’ Co-operative Union in Japan as featured Laureates.

Outcomes of this meeting included the creation of a ‘Make Nepal Green Fund’ and a ‘Kathmandu Declaration’, which was designed to serve as a roadmap for the future. The Declaration was presented to the Prime Minister of Nepal Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli by Dr. Monika Griefahn, Chair of the Board at the Right Livelihood Award Foundation. Laureates and press representatives also participated in a field visit to areas near Pokhara, where they examined renewable energy, eco-tourism, and organic farming initiatives and discussed ways in which they can be promoted.

e131ef38922006 Laureate Daniel Ellsberg Wins This Year’s Dresden Prize

Daniel Ellsberg, 2006 Laureate of the Right Livelihood Award, was honoured recently as the recipient of the 2016 Dresden Peace Prize for his exemplary work in putting peace and truth before his own personal safety. The Dresden Prize is given annually to one individual, not just for their efforts to ensure peace, but more particularly for preventing conflict before it ensues.

Fellow Right Livelihood Award Laureate Edward Snowden (2014) also appeared via Skype connection to speak to the audience and congratulate Mr. Ellsberg on the lasting impact of his work. In his acceptance speech, Ellsberg commented on the high price that whistleblowers have to pay for telling the truth.

f095498099Survey: Help the Right Livelihood Award Foundation!

A brief message from Ole von Uexkull, the Executive Director of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation:

We wish to get better at supporting the amazing work of our Laureates and communicating what the Right Livelihood Award stands for. With this, we would really appreciate your help!

I would be grateful if you could spare 15 minutes to answer 10 questions about the Award and the Foundation by accessing our questionnaire here. Your answers will, of course, be anonymous. Thank you for your support!

7630b76c09Foundation Launches Podcast Series

In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Nikita Khrushchev’s secret speech, the Right Livelihood Award Foundation launched its new series of podcasts with the voice of Nikita Lomakin, a researcher working with Russian Laureate organisation Memorial (2004).

In the podcast, Nikita shares his insight on why preserving memories can bring light to both the past and the present. Have a listen here, and watch for more Voices of Right Livelihood soon!

2006_festival_internacional_de_poesia_de_medellin_smallLaureates Sign Open Letter to King of Saudi Arabia

In response to the detention and sentencing of the poet, art curator and Palestinian refugee Ashraf Fayadh, over 20 Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award have signed an open letter calling for his release. The Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia recently upheld his original sentence of eight years in prison and 800 lashes for the content of his poems.

In support of Fayadh, the Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín (2006) has invited him to attend the 26th edition of the Festival in Medellín, Colombia in 2016. Twenty-two other Right Livelihood Laureates added their voices to the call in an open letter to the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz. You can read the letter here, and support its message by tweeting to the King of Saudi Arabia: @KingSalman.

842761c395Laureate Portraits Featured at Austrian Museum Exhibition

The work of freelance photographer Katharina Mouratidi was exhibited recently at the Vorarlberg Museum in Bregenz, Austria. Entitled “Backstage Heroes”, her project comprises photos of 40 Right Livelihood Award Laureates seated on a regal chair in an otherwise simple setting.

The exhibition was made possible thanks to the efforts of Projects of Hope, which has collaborated with the Foundation to bring Right Livelihood Award Laureates and their work to Bregenz, Austria for over a decade. In addition to being shown at the museum until the end of the month, Mouratidi’s photos of Right Livelihood Award Laureates have been collected and published in a book. Learn more here.

More News from the Foundation & Laureates

Denis Mukwege Documentary Film to be Screened at Geneva Film Festival

“The Man Who Mends Women – The Wrath of Hippocrates”, a documentary by Thierry Michel on the life and work of 2013 Right Livelihood Award Laureate Dr. Denis Mukwege, will be screened in Geneva at the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights on 7 March 2016.

Helen Mack Chang to Lead Panel Discussion on Impunity at UN Human Rights Council

1992 Laureate Helen Mack Chang will participate in a United Nations side event together with the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala on 8 March 2016 in the Palace of Nations, Geneva.

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