Right Livelihood Executive Director Ole von Uexkull announces the 2021 Laureates in Stockholm on September 29, 2021.

Media Advisory: 2022 Right Livelihood Laureates announced on September 29

Press releases 15.09.2022

STOCKHOLM – Recipients of the 2022 Right Livelihood Award are set to be announced in Stockholm on Thursday, September 29.

The presentation of this year’s Laureates is taking place at 8.00 CEST during a live press conference at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern and will also be available via live stream.

The new Laureates will be presented by Ole von Uexkull, Executive Director of Right Livelihood.


Time: 8.00 CEST on Thursday, September 29, 2022

Place: Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Sergels torg. The press conference is held in Studion.

Register: To sign up to attend the press conference, please send an email to communications@rightlivelihood.org.

Watch online at Right Livelihood’s website: rightlivelihood.org.

Live broadcast: For live signal, please contact communications@rightlivelihood.org.


In 2022, 175 nominees from 77 countries were considered. Through an open selection process, anyone could submit individuals or organisations for consideration. The recipients have been selected by an international jury after careful investigation by Right Livelihood’s Research team. Previous Laureates include Edward Snowden (United States of America), Dr Denis Mukwege (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Greta Thunberg (Sweden).

The 2022 Laureates will be honoured during a televised Award Presentation in Stockholm on Wednesday, November 30.

Finally, be sure to check out our updated look, including our new logotype! Find more information in our Press Kit.


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About Right Livelihood

Established in 1980, Right Livelihood honours and supports courageous people solving global problems. Housed under the umbrella of a foundation, Right Livelihood is a courage-powered community for social change committed to peace, justice and sustainability for all.

Each year, Right Livelihood highlights change-makers through an Award. To date, 186 Laureates from 73 countries have received the distinction. By recognising the actions of brave visionaries and building impactful connections around the world, Right Livelihood boosts urgent and long-term social change.

However, the work of Right Livelihood goes beyond only presenting the Award: they provide these change-makers with life-long support. Right Livelihood is a megaphone and a shield for the Laureates: raising their profile, providing them protection when their lives and liberty are in danger, and educating people on their innovative solutions.

Right Livelihood is headquartered in Stockholm, with an office in Geneva. The Foundation has Consultative Status with the UN.

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