Remember Ken Saro-Wiwa

News 10.11.2010

On the 10th of November 1995, the activist and writer Ken Saro-Wiwa (Nigeria, RLA 1994) and eight other members of MOSOP (Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People) were executed by hanging by the country’s military government.

Saro-Wiwa was a central figure in the struggle to stop the devastation of the Niger Delta, which continues to be polluted by large scale oil extraction up to this day.

Together with MOSOP, he was awarded the Right Livehood Award in 1994 for the “non-violent striving towards civil, economic and environmental right of their people“.

In memory of Saro-Wiwa’s death, several events are organized worldwide. Nnimmo Bassey (Nigeria, RLA 2010) will be speaking during a day of events in The Hague. In Sweden, RLA Foundation Manager Kajsa Övergaard will attend an event at the university of Stockholm, focusing on the situation in the Niger delta today.

The Guardian published an article revealing Shell’s secret PR-campaign that followed Saro-Wiwa’s execution.

For Swedish speakers: On the occasion of the day, Ole von Uexküll, Executive Director of the RLA Foundation, wrote an article on

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