Ashram at the newly opened Right Livelihood College Campus in Bangkok, Thailand

Right Livelihood College Opens New Campus in Thailand

Press releases 20.07.2018

Ashram at the newly opened Right Livelihood College Campus in Bangkok, Thailand
Peaceful surroundings at the newly opened Right Livelihood College Campus in Bangkok, Thailand

The Right Livelihood Award Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of its ninth Right Livelihood College Campus at The School for Wellbeing Studies and Research in Bangkok, Thailand.

The new Campus will officially open on 20 July, in connection with the opening of the Chula Right Livelihood Summer School.

The Right Livelihood College is a global capacity-building initiative of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation which aims to spread the knowledge of Laureates and to amplify the impact of their work. This is achieved by linking young academics and civil society organisations with Laureates and their practical solutions to root causes of global problems. The College operates as a global network of campuses at nine universities and other academic institutions on five continents.

The School for Wellbeing Studies and Research is an independent action-research platform, centre of advocacy and informal higher learning. It was founded in 2009 by Chulalongkorn University, Faculty of Political Science, the Centre for Bhutan Studies & GNH, a national social sciences research institute in Bhutan and the Sathirakoses Nagapradipa Foundation which was established by the Right Livelihood Award Laureate Sulak Sivaraksa in Thailand in 1968.

As Fellows of the College, Right Livelihood Laureates represent the core of the College. They are engaged both in educational activities, as well as in scientific research. Workshops, travel grants, online courses, field visits and lectures are only a few of the tools used to connect students at the different Campuses and civil society actors with Laureates. Funds for these activities are raised by the participating university institutions themselves.

About the School for Wellbeing

Major programmes of the School for Wellbeing are: the annual Chulalongkorn University Right Livelihood Summerschool, “CURLS”, in collaboration with the Right Livelihood College and Royal University of Bhutan. The second programme, Towards Organic Asia (TOA), gave rise, among other initiatives, to Mindful Markets movement and social enterprise course on sustainable food systems, with core partners in the Mekong region and associates Asia-wide. Recently the Earth Trusteeship Platform was inaugurated in collaboration with organizations in Europe, by means of a first international gathering in The Hague, Netherlands.

The School for Wellbeing shares its physical campus at Wongsanit Ashram 40 kilometres outside Bangkok, together with other initiatives for informal higher studies inspired by the engaged spirituality of scholar and activist Sulak Sivaraksa.

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