Our new name plate at the Stockholm Head Office. Credit: Mikaela Fredrikson/ Right Livelihood.

Why have we changed our website and look?

News 14.06.2021

Welcome to Right Livelihood! If you have known us for a while, you can see that quite a few things have changed. We look more up to date and approachable – and hopefully, you’ll find us more engaging!

Why was it time for a refresh?

The same reasons why we have been presenting the Right Livelihood Award for over 40 years now: To better highlight and support visionary change-makers, and to inspire change through you, dear reader.

Of course, our work has also evolved over the years. Today, we are much more than an award. We support Right Livelihood Laureates through advocacy, providing protection and creating educational initiatives.

While we can proudly look back on a long history of standing by and supporting courageous change-makers tackling global challenges, we believe that their work – and therefore ours – is more important now than ever. Today, climate change, growing inequalities, appalling injustices and human rights violations threaten our global community and the planet we call home.

We must act urgently!

We believe that Right Livelihood Laureates hold the keys to solving many of our global challenges. They pave the way to a more peaceful, just and sustainable future.

This means that more people need to know about these visionary change-makers. More people need to be inspired and empowered to act. Our redesign serves just that: to make solutions more visible and foster a community of engaged citizens who carry those ideas with them into all areas of life.

If you have been part of this journey for some time now – thank you! We hope that the Laureates’ stories will continue to inspire you.

If you’re new – welcome to Right Livelihood! We are a courage-powered community for social change. Join us, and let’s work together towards peace, justice and sustainability for all!

Adam and Fédora from our team with the new tote bags and water bottles. Credit: Emoke Bebiak/ Right Livelihood.
The Right Livelihood tote bags and water bottles are made of sustainably sourced materials. Credit: Emoke Bebiak/ Right Livelihood.

Media contacts

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Spanish Media

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German Media

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Swedish Media

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