Supporting organisations


SÄRLA – the Association for the Right Livelihood Award in the Swedish Parliament – is a group of Swedish parliamentarians from seven parties. From 1985 until 2015, the Right Livelihood Awards were presented in the Swedish Parliament with SÄRLA being the host. SÄRLA was launched in 1993 by the then MP, Birgitta Hambraeus (Center Party).

In recent years, SÄRLA has hosted seminars with new Laureates in the Parliament for MPs and other decision-makers, journalists, academics and civil society organisations.

The support from these committed parliamentarians and the contacts established between the MPs and Laureates are truly important to Laureates and an expression of trust in the Foundation’s work.

GLS Treuhand e.V.

In Germany, the Right Livelihood Award Foundation gets valuable support from GLS Treuhand e.V.

Founded in 1961, the Treuhand supports and advises donors in their charitable giving and manages 60 donor-advised funds. German donors can send their donations to the award via GLS Treuhand and get a German donation receipt. GLS Treuhand’s experts are happy to answer all questions around donations, bequests and taxes.

GLS Treuhand has also organised a number of lectures with Right Livelihood Award Recipients in different German cities and has given direct financial support to the Right Livelihood Award Foundation and the Youth Future Project, for which the foundation has the patronage.

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, USA

In the United States, we get support from the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, which processes gifts from U.S. donors to the RLA Foundation in Sweden. NAPF has 501(c)3 status so that donations are tax-exempt.

NAPF performs research and analysis on global peace and works for a world free of nuclear weapons. Over the years, there have been many touch points between the Right Livelihood Award and NAPF. We have joined forces with regard to statements on nuclear and disarmament issues, and sometimes, we even have awarded the same people: in 2008 the NAPF Lifetime Achievement Award went to RLA Laureate Judge Weeramantry. 

NAPF’s founder David Krieger has for many years been a Councillor of the World Future Council where he has worked together with many of our Laureates and our founder, Jakob von Uexkull. He also serves on the RLA’s Advisory Board.