Huang Ming

Awarded 2011


For his outstanding success in the development and mass-deployment of cutting-edge technologies for harnessing solar energy, thereby showing how dynamic emerging economies can contribute to resolving the global crisis of anthropogenic climate change.

Huang Ming is a visionary, dedicated, and passionate entrepreneur and change-maker in the field of solar thermal energy.

Huang was instrumental in getting the Renewable Energy Law passed in China in 2005, which took effect in the year after, thus building a strong case for his country to take a leading role in preventing growing climate chaos. In 2007, he set up the Solar Valley in Dezhou as a national and global example for solar as a realistic alternative to fossil and nuclear energy and rising CO2 emissions.

I have a dream that one day solar industry will be as advanced as IT industry.

Huang Ming, 2011 Laureate

A Global Solar Entrepreneur

Huang Ming was born on March 10, 1958. He worked as an engineer at the Petroleum Research Institute of Dezhou. After the birth of his daughter, he became worried about the living environment of her and other children because of the pollution. He started his career in the solar energy field secretly, without quitting his job at the institute, because he needed to fund his initial solar research by his salary.

Today, Huang Ming is among the world leaders in solar thermal energy. He established and runs Himin Solar in Dezhou City. Himin's uniqueness is not just in technology innovation and affordability of its products, but in its massive application and its demonstration in Dezhou's Solar Valley.

The Solar Valley in Dezhou is one of the world's largest solar city development projects, home to over 500 000 people and 98% powered by solar. It includes vacuum tube factories, water heater factories, an office and hotel complex, a solar university, a sports and entertainment complex, parks and apartments. The Solar Valley is meant to bring together developers, city planners, school directors, hospital directors, and to set a nation-wide and global example of solar power as a viable solution. It receives 1500-4000 visitors a day. Thanks to the Solar Valley, Dezhou City has won the accolade of China Solar City.

Huang Ming is an inventor and developer, a visionary and missionary, a manufacturer and entrepreneur all in one person. Despite his immense success and achievements, he has remained a modest person, speaking openly about shortcomings and areas where he sees the need for improvement, but also about the fear that the speed of substituting fossil fuels with renewables is too slow and that not enough countries and businesses will follow suit.


Huang Ming is passionate to teach the world that solar is the solution, that nuclear has to be stopped and that China could become a low or even zero-carbon society. His goal is to make solar systems popular in China and to make sure all heating and cooling in China is done with solar energy. Huang Ming believes that business has a lot to offer and contribute to the transition to a sustainable future. Regulations, he says, can help to encourage the implementation of renewables, but the people have to act as well. Huang Ming's motto is "For the blue sky and white clouds of later generations, use the qualified products to promote the energy substitution".

The Renewable Energy Law

Huang Ming has served on the 10th and 11th Peoples Congress (China's Parliament). He drafted the Law on Renewable Energy and united other representatives in support of it. The Renewable Energy Law was passed in 2005 and took effect in 2006, a substantial achievement that echoed globally.

Raising Awareness

Huang Ming started giving lectures all over the country already in the 1990s in order to raise public awareness and organised demonstrations on town squares to inform people more directly about solar energy products. He gives lectures to entrepreneurs and managers and is regularly invited to various Asian universities.

In 2006, a school was built in the Solar Valley. The idea for the school originated in the fact that there were 1 million workers in the solar energy sector, but that there was no facility to train them and no civil engineers were specialised in that field. Today, the school's 2000 students are educated in solar energy products, engineering and business. Most of them study free of charge. A majority of the students comes from remote areas.

Huang Ming and his Himin Solar have received several awards, and Huang Ming has been invited as a speaker to high-level UN meetings.

Himin Solar

Huang Ming's Himin produces all-glass vacuum tubes, solar water heaters, PV lighting, solar-thermal high-temperature power generation, and solar architecture. As of 2011, Himin Solar produces 2 million m2 solar thermal heaters every year. In total by 2011, it has produced 10 million m2.

In 2011, Himin Solar possessed several hundred national patents and had undertaken 132 national projects in total. It owns some of the most advanced technologies, such as vacuum tubes of '3-hi' (high temperature/coldness resistance, high efficiency) and '4-hi' (high self-cleaning added), coated tubes for power generation, solar heating, cooling, sea water desalination, solar architectures, and has set standards for the industry.

Huang Ming also researches into biomass, and started producing and selling 3-layer windows, which provide better insulation. He also plans to begin offering comprehensive concepts for housing and offices (architecture, insulation, windows, hot water, electricity).

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