2005 Laureate Maude Barlow speaking at UC Santa Cruz, credit: Right Livelihood.
2018 Laureate Tony Rinaudo with Wycliffe Matika from the Green Belt Movement, credit: Right Livelihood

Education to inspire, encourage and empower.

In our work to promote a just, peaceful and sustainable world for all, we carry out a number of educational activities. Education is understood as a process of mutual inspiration, encouragement and empowerment. It leads to changes in behaviour, fosters activism and strengthens the transition pathways pioneered by the Laureates.

In cooperation with global university networks such as the Right Livelihood College and the Global Campus of Human Rights, we develop and disseminate knowledge about Laureates’ solutions. Over one hundred academic institutions in both networks around the world help to arrange lectures and seminars with the Laureates and organise other activities connected to their work.

By bridging the gap between activism and academia, our education work stimulates research dedicated to real-world problems and provides civil society with knowledge and tools to address pressing challenges.