Albert Einstein Institute

The 2022 cohort of activists from Europe having an in-person meeting in Venice, hosted by the Global Campus on Human Rights, credit: Right Livelihood
Facilitated by Jamila Raqib and the Albert Einstein Institute, credit: Right Livelihood

The Albert Einstein Institute (AEI) is a nonprofit organisation founded by Dr. Gene Sharp who received the Right Livelihood Award in 2012 for “developing and articulating the principles and strategies of nonviolent resistance and supporting their practical implementation in conflict areas around the world.”

The Climate Justice Fellowship, offered by AEI in partnership with Right Livelihood, is a 15-month program designed to address global climate justice issues. It utilises the principles of strategic nonviolent action to promote coordinated efforts among global climate justice movements.

During the fellowship, participants engage with AEI staff and other partners in monthly meetings. These gatherings explore how the principles of strategic nonviolent action can be applied to climate justice struggles and campaigns. 

Additionally, participants participate in workshops and discussions on strategic nonviolent action, examine case studies from past and current climate and social justice movements to gain valuable insights, and share experiences from their involvement in climate movements.

Each cohort of fellows convenes annually for a 3-day, in-person meeting. This gathering facilitates interaction among fellows, enabling them to better understand the challenges faced by other groups within the climate movement ecosystem and discuss action plans for their respective communities.

The program spans 3 years, with the inaugural cycle focusing on global climate activists from various regions. The focus for 2022 was Europe and 2023’s emphasis is on Africa. For further information, please visit the Albert Einstein Institute’s website.

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Global Campus of Human Rights

Our cooperation with the Global Campus of Human Rights advances human rights education and promotes children's rights.

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The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

We cooperate with the Geneva-based Graduate Institute in several different fields with the involvement of Right Livelihood Laureates.

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