Massive Open Online Courses

2014 Edward Snowden in Moscow, credit: Right Livelihood.
1985 Laureate Lokayan reaching out to school children in India, credit: Right Livelihood

Take classes from practical visionaries in a global classroom!

We aim to make educational resources easily accessible and free of charge. We’re proud to present the 2021 massive open online courses (MOOCs) featuring Right Livelihood Laureates hosted by our partner, the Global Campus of Human Rights.

The first MOOC on “Children’s Rights and Technology in the Digital Age” includes exclusive content from US whistleblower and 2014 Laureate Edward Snowden, along with many other experts from the field. More than 2,500 people from over 100 countries enrolled in its first edition (March – April 2021). A new edition is planned for the second part of 2021.

The second MOOC on “Child participation and the right to a sustainable environment” was launched on May 31, featuring Laureates Maude Barlow and Raúl Montenegro, as well as Right Livelihood College advisor Victor Karunan. Check out the course homepage for more details and information on how to enrol!

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