Campuses and Centres

Participants at the 40th Anniversary Conference in Bangkok, 2020. Credit: Wichian Longlalerng.
2018 Laureate Tony Rinaudo in Zurich, credit: Felix Ghezzi

A network to educate the next generation of change-makers.

In order to build partnerships with Right Livelihood Laureates around the globe, the Right Livelihood College is organised as a network of Campuses and Centres.

Several university faculties and institutes have committed to carrying out activities and raising funds for undergraduate, Master or PhD fellowships as part of the cooperation.

As each campus and the Global Secretariat raise their own funds from various sources, the College operates financially independent from the Right Livelihood Foundation.

Activities in this ever-evolving global network include:

  • Public lectures and international workshops with Laureates,
  • PhD fellowships,
  • Research grants for Master students and
  • Full-semester undergraduate courses.

In cooperation with our partners, we host the Right Livelihood Library in Geneva and a growing number of online learning formats. These include Massive Open Online Courses involving Laureates, RLC Community Conversations and Lecture Series with a certain focus topic.

To learn more about current opportunities and activities, visit the RLC website.

You can find out more about each RLC campus below!