Supporting the Laureates

2021 Laureate Marthe Wandou with 2016 Laureate Mozn Hassan in Geneva at a UN Side Event, credit: Right Livelihood.
2004 Laureate Raúl Montenegro during a solidarity visit to Brazil, credit: courtesy of Raúl Montenegro

Our promise: Life-long support

A feature that sets the Right Livelihood Award apart from many other international prizes is that we provide Laureates with long-term support.

We strive to work alongside these courageous change-makers to amplify their voices, providing them with the network and protection they need to realise their visions for a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.

We are deeply committed to strengthening the network of Laureates, linking these leading experts from different parts of the world with each other for greater impact.

Our advocacy activities aim to make the Laureates’ voices heard and advance their causes. Additionally, when a Laureate’s life and liberty are at risk, we put in place a range of safeguards to enhance Laureate’s protection.

The long-term support provided by us is developed in close dialogue with Laureates and tailored to meet their specific needs. Activities include initiating advocacy campaigns, funding security measures and establishing contact with UN agencies.