Connecting Change-makers

2004 Laureates Swami Agnivesh and Raúl Montenegro in Bonn, Germany, credit: Right Livelihood.
2019 Laureate Greta Thunberg with 2006 Laureate Daniel Ellsberg in Stockholm, credit: Right Livelihood.

Lasting change requires interconnected solutions.

By linking Laureates to each other and relevant partners involved in the process of transformative change, we contribute to the upscaling of Laureates’ work and inspiring others by sharing their success stories. The regular liaison with Laureates is the heart and soul of all our activities.

Through Right Livelihood, Laureates have easy access to each other. They regularly meet and discuss in different groups and support each others’ work. To share experiences and insights and create a more significant impact on their work, we always look for opportunities to link Laureates to each other with an overall goal of generating ideas for concrete actions.

To further expand the impact of Laureates’ work, we also link them to other organisations and individuals in our network. We have close connections at the United Nations in Geneva, the Swedish Parliament, the German Bundestag and a wide range of civil society organisations.