Digital Meetings

2014 Laureate Edward Snowden speaking at the 2019 Award Presentation, credit: Stina Stjernkvist.
2016 Laureate Mozn Hassan giving her acceptance speech at the German Bundestag, credit: Janine Escher

Connecting change-makers with audiences around the world.

In today’s interconnected world, leading change-makers are becoming increasingly accessible through the use of technology.

We aim to be at the forefront of this shift, using digital meetings to connect Right Livelihood Laureates with our networks, students, relevant civil society actors and the interested public. Digital meetings provide live interaction between Laureates and the audience – allowing participants to have real-time conversations with cutting-edge change-makers.

We and our networks organise both one-time events and longer series of webinars where Laureates have the possibility to discuss long-term solutions or connect over urgent issues.

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Feminist Foreign Policy and Its Implications for Women Human Rights Defenders

By bringing together decision-makers and feminist activists, the event explored reflections and best practices on how FFP could improve the lives of WHRD working in a repressive environment, with a particular focus on the case of 2020 Right Livelihood Laureate Nasrin Sotoudeh in Iran.

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Indigenous peoples and mother earth

Indigenous people face a multitude of threats, from land grabs and exploitation of their natural resources to violence, endangering their very existence. In this conversation 2020 Laureate Lottie Cunningham Wren discusses the threats that indigenous communities face from big corporations, governments and the climate.

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Voices in Belarus that cannot be silenced

Since August 9, 2020 the world has watched demonstrations and local uprisings against what is seen as the last remaining dictatorship in Europe. In this conversation, 2020 Laureate Ales Bialiatski who founded the Human Rights Center “Viasna”, discusses threats against human rights defenders, the torture political prisoners face and the challenging situation for everyone peacefully fighting the regime in Belarus.

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Beat the drum for justice

2020 Bryan Stevenson is a leading US civil rights lawyer striving to reform the country’s criminal justice system to ensure equal rights for all. In this lecture, Stevenson shares his decades-long struggle to stand up for the marginalised, including people on death row, and how his work at the Equal Justice Initiative has paved the way for a more just society.

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Dialogues with Right Livelihood Laureates

In the summer of 2020, Right Livelihood, in cooperation with the 2006 Laureate Medellín International Poetry Festival organised a three-part webinar series with Right Livelihood Laureates, others within the Right Livelihood network, and poets. The dialogues focus on how to use culture as a tool to inspire change, and how to communicate the urgency of system change to the wider public.

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Conversations that matter series

As part of Right Livelihood's 40th Anniversary, three global conferences were planned for the spring of 2020. Two of them are currently postponed, due to the pandemic. The Foundation therefore adapted with new ideas and instead launched an online series, inviting Laureates under different themes to partake in Conversations that Matter.

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We connect change-makers and spark cooperation because today's global challenges require interconnected solutions.

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