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Picture above: 2020 Laureate Bryan Stevenson receiving the Award from Anthony Ray Hinton, live from Alabama. Photo by Matt Odom. Picture below: the new Right Livelihood Award sculpture, designed by Swedish artist Eva Hild in Humanium Metal. Photo by Daniel Hägglund.

An evening to celebrate human courage

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The Right Livelihood award statuette

The Right Livelihood Award has honoured courageous change-makers since 1980.

Our Award aims to boost urgent and long-term social change. We do this by recognizing the actions of brave visionaries working for a more just, peaceful and sustainable world for all.

Each year, we receive nominations from around the world through an open process allowing anyone to submit nominations. After thorough research, our Jury made up of international experts and previous Laureates chooses that year’s most outstanding change-makers.

Our work culminates in the annual Award Presentation, where we honour the new Laureates, welcoming them into the Right Livelihood community.

2020 Right Livelihood Award

“For her fearless activism, at great personal risk, to promote political freedom and human rights in Iran.”

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2020 Right Livelihood Award

“For his inspiring endeavour to reform the US criminal justice system and advance racial reconciliation in the face of historic trauma.”

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2020 Right Livelihood Award

“For her ceaseless dedication to the protection of indigenous lands and communities from exploitation and plunder.”

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2020 Right Livelihood Award

“For their resolute struggle for the realisation of democracy and human rights in Belarus.”

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