About the Award

Aminatou Haidar at the 2019 Award Presentation, credit: Stina Stjernkvist. Below: 1984 Laureates Ela Bhatt and Winefreda Geonzon with Jakob von Uexkull, credit: Right Livelihood

An Award for those striving for a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.

Each year since 1980, the Right Livelihood Award has been bestowed to four courageous change-makers. The Awards are typically given in the form of three cash awards and one honorary award.

The cash awards are intended to directly support the Laureates’ cause and expand the impact of their work. The honorary prize is intended to recognise equally outstanding achievements – although, where the benefit is seen through the recognition and support provided as a result of the Award.

The Award immediately connects Laureates with the dozens of leading change-makers who are already part of the Right Livelihood community. It can also serve as a protective tool for Laureates whose lives and liberties are at risk, through greater international attention on themselves and their causes as well as the lifelong support offered to Laureates.

In recognising the diversity and interconnectivity of challenges in the world and likewise the solutions to them, the Award has no set categories for which Laureates are considered or honoured. The Award recognises individuals and organisations that have greatly contributed to a more just, peaceful and sustainable world through a variety of practical and innovative solutions in different fields across the world.

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  • Award Presentation

    We welcome change-makers into the Right Livelihood community at our annual Award Presentation in Stockholm. This is our way of celebrating those creating a better future for all.

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  • Award Sculpture

    Created by Swedish sculptor Eva Hild, the Right Livelihood Award Sculpture is made of Humanium Metal, a material produced from recycled guns.

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  • Selecting the Laureates

    We receive nominations for the Right Livelihood Award from all regions in the world, covering a variety of topics. Our research process helps our Jury choose the most innovative change-makers from among them.

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