Selecting the Laureates

Jury members during the 2020 Jury Meeting in Cologne, Germany, credit: Right Livelihood.
Executive Director Ole von Uexkull announcing the 2020 Laureates at a press conference at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, credit: Stina Stjernkvist

Our research process helps our Jury choose the most innovative change-makers from all walks of life.

We receive nominations for the Right Livelihood Award from all regions in the world, covering a variety of topics. This allows us to acquire a sense of what people around the world perceive to be the most urgent problems – and crucially, who is working to solve them.

Each year, we manage upwards of 100 nominations for the Award. During a thorough research process, which lasts roughly from March until August, we build a clear understanding of the nominees’ activities, achievements and reputation among relevant stakeholders. We collect this information by reaching out to independent experts for comment and conducting background research and literature reviews. In some cases, we visit nominees in person to observe their work on the ground. All information gathered during this process is kept fully confidential.

Following our research, detailed reports are written and submitted to our Board and Jury. It is our Jury that ultimately decides on the year’s Laureates. Composed of Right Livelihood Board members, previous Laureates and their representatives, and independent experts, the Jury meets in late August to select the Laureates in a unanimous decision. Their decision is later announced at a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

Jury members

  • Nnimmo Bassey

    2010 Laureate

  • Paul Walker

    Board Member and 2013 Laureate

  • Jamila Raqib

    Legacy holder for 2012 Laureate Gene Sharp

  • Juliane Kronen

    Board Member

  • Juan Pablo Orrego

    1998 Laureate

  • Joshua Castellino

    Executive Director of Minority Rights Group

  • Glorene Das

    Executive Director of 2005 Laureate Tenaganita

  • Luisa Neubauer

    Co-organiser of Fridays for Future Germany

  • Mozn Hassan

    2016 Laureate

  • Reinhard Loske

    Board Member

  • Amelie von Zweigbergk

    Vice Chair of the Board

  • Sima Samar

    2012 Laureate

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